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Traveling With Your Pet During the Holidays

During the holidays, many of us take to the roads and skies to be with our families. But what to do about our furry family members? Depending on the distance we are traveling, we may be able to bring them along for the ride. Sometimes, however, that option isn’t workable. For example, animals are not allowed on many trains and buses. Holiday plans can also involve making arrangements for your dog or cat if you’re hosting guests. Some options include boarding your pet, bringing them with you or hiring a sitter. Boarding your pet While you’re away on vacation, your pet can be, too. Boarding at a pet resort or hotel typically allows the pet to have its own room ..

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Pet Safety for the Holidays

Last December’s breakout holiday internet video featured irresistibly cute tiny puppies toddling out of wrapped packages, nibbling on shiny bows, and flopping over one another until they finally collapse in a warm, fluffy heap on the floor in front of a blazing fireplace beside a tower of twinkling Christmas tree lights. This adorable scene got over a million viewers, but unfortunately it’s a carefully scripted and edited story that’s far from reality. Holiday events can be full of real dangers for our pets. If you’re looking for your own “happy ending,” put on a director’s cap ahead of time and set the scene to encourage safety and success ..

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Gift Ideas for Pets

Last year Americans spent $15 billion on non-food pet supplies and, according to a 2011 AP-Petside.com holiday gift poll (http://www.gfkinsights4u.com/ap-petsidecom_poll-_many_pets_can_expect_holiday_gifts_from_owners_toys_and_treats_lead_list_of_favorites.html), over half of Americans planned to spend an average of $46 on their pets that year. Yes, we love our pets and we love to express that love in gifts and toys. But most of us only plan a trip to the nearest petshop for our animal gifts. We buy Sugar some catnip, or Fido a bone. However, you don’t have settle for the traditional treat this season. Match the gift to the personality. Animals are as much family to ..

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Snapping the Perfect Pet Photo

You and your pet are ready to graduate from the Santa sweater on the fireplace pose, but you’re no professional photographer. So how do you take a high quality, memorable holiday picture of your pal? Actually, pet photography is like any good photography: it simply requires planning, play, and patience. First, before you reach for your camera, rethink your subject. That is, your pet. Who: Who is this creature, anyway? Think first about the personality of your pet. Do you have a prankster? A love-bug? A shy guy? The neighborhood social butterfly? What: What are your pet’s favorite activities? Sofa surfing? Sunning? Chasing a ball? Batting at dust motes? Hiding be..

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Traveling With Your Pet During the Holidays - Part Two

Boarding your pet can be a good choice while you are traveling or hosting guests. However, if you find it to be too pricey, or think your pets will have a tough time being away from their home or you, other options to consider include hiring a pet sitter or bringing them with you. Hiring a pet sitter As a pet owner herself, Erica Etchason, canine swim instructor at Green Leaf Pet Resort and Hotel in Millstone, N.J., hires a friend to take care of her dogs in her home while she is away. Price is a factor in her decision, she says. “A resort can start at $50 a day per dog. With four dogs, we can have the entire pack cared for in our home for that price,” Etchason ex..

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